Below are the services we offer

Ready Mix Concrete

Roko Construction Ltd supplies ready Mix Concrete meeting the exact requirements of our clients. Through its team of experienced engineers and concrete technologists, the company can supply high performance durable concrete for all applications and requirements.

Concrete Production Facilities
The Company has a modern, computer controlled batching plant with a capacity of approximately 8’000 cubic meters monthly. Located at Nasser lane in Kampala City centre, the plant is geographically well placed out to ensure prompt and smooth delivery of concrete to sites. Logistics of Ready Mix Concrete delivery is managed through efficient utilization of its large fleet of transit mixers as well as concrete pumps.

High Quality Materials
All raw materials are regularly tested by independent laboratories. The admixtures being used in concrete are procured from SIKA Chemicals and Conmix Construction Chemicals division, which are tested and approved by consultants and local municipalities. Process Control
At each stage of production strict quality control procedures are applied. All the incoming raw materials are checked for chemical and physical properties.
The computer controlled weighing systems for aggregates and additives are checked and calibrated frequently as per the relevant standards and fully comply with international weights and measures regulations.

The concrete strength is constantly tested in our In-house Laboratory. Further tests are also carried out at regular intervals at independent laboratories.

Stone Quarry

The Quarry supports all activities of construction in and around Kampala, we have the capacity to produce a minimum of 500Mt of aggregates of quarry dust a day.
We produce stones in 1/4 inch ,1/2 inch, and 3/4 inch and selected stones for both ROKO projects and the public market.
We also provide quarry dust to the blocks and concrete section.

Carpentry and Joinery Workshop

The Carpentry and Joinery Workshop is equipped with modern wood working machinery and timber drying and curing kiln.
The Carpentry and Joinery workshop supports all Carpentry and Joinery needs of the projects as well as producing finest furniture.

This furniture is manufactured according to the client’s specifications. The carpentry workshop has been in existence since 1969 and ROKO’s furniture is known for its beauty,
good quality and affordability. We also work with international suppliers of office furniture from South Africa and Malaysia .

Electrical and Plumbing Section

We have fully qualified staff and are equipped with modern tools to install systems for both domestic and industrial projects.

Quantity Surveying

We are responsible for preparation and submission of tenders, and for providing internal quantity survey and construction estimates.

Computer Aided Design(CAD)

We do detailed designs for buildings to be built by ROKO construction and even for outside clients, we also make as-built-designs for ROKO built projects.

Shuttering & Scaffolding

The Shuttering and Scaffolding section supports all forms of Construction and Civil works of the projects undertaken by the Company.

Mechanical Workshop

The Mechanical Workshop comprises of facilities of machine room, engine room, electrical works and panel beating. Staffed by 40 employees. It maintains and repairs company’s mobile and static assets covering every thing from tower craes to bull dozers.

It provides field support both for technical and logistical support for spare parts.

The department also manages and provides transport, drivers, and staff to the construction sites.

It is comprises of the engine, jeer box, and rebuilt facilities, paint and body shop, machine shop, earth moving equipment shop, heavy and light vehicle shop,
and provides logistical and technical support in Rwanda, Congo, South Sudan and Uganda.

Metal Fabrication and Welding Workshop

The Metal Fabrication and Welding Workshop specialises in all aspects of Steel Structures, Tank Construction and industrial Piping.

Pre-cast Concrete Division

We make any form of Pre-cast Concrete blocks, Pavers or Walls of any size specified by a Client’s design, or for the construction projects at hand.
Our Pre-cast concrete products are very durable and optimised for improved quality.

Aluminium Fabrication Workshop

We make aluminium windows and doors frames, as well as curtain walling and claddings, for ROKO construction projects and other external projects.